Hydrologic’s contribution to climate change mitigation confirmed once again, with 70,000 carbon credits issued

Hydrologic’s contribution to climate change mitigation confirmed once again, with 70,000 carbon credits issued

Our Technical Services team is thrilled to announce the successful issuance of over 70,000 new Gold Standard certified carbon credits for the voluntary carbon market on the behalf of Hydrologic. Over the past few months our team has been coordinating this issuance to formalize Hydrologic’s great contribution to climate change mitigation and social impact.

Hydrologic has been developing water filters for about a decade, producing and developing technology that allows local communities without access to piped water to move away from boiling water practices.

This initiative has both positive environmental and health impacts. Environmental impacts are achieved through avoiding deforestation and reducing indoor air pollution. Health impacts are achieved for some of the most vulnerable populations, namely women and children. Having access to safe drinking water reduces the number of water diseases while also, substantially reduces the number of respiratory diseases and related fatalities by avoiding water boiling practices.

For Hydrologic, the environmental outcomes of their business are also a key source of revenue contributing significantly to their operations and social impact. Nexus for Development has been supporting Hydrologic since 2016 to leverage carbon markets, by certifying and monitoring the social enterprise’s activities, which provide an additional source of funding to scale the company’s impact.

The funds from carbon revenue cover more than 30% of Hydrologic operational costs, allowing them to:

  • Invest in business growth by expanding their direct sales throughout the more rural and remote areas in Cambodia, ensuring their technology reaches the families that benefit the most from their filter.
  • Invest in training and development of all their staff (over 100 people), including personal leadership and professional development for all their factory, sales, and support staff
  • Ensure a rigorous ongoing program of education for their field staff while also providing the resources to educate customers
  • Invest in new technologies and improvements in the working environment at the factory
  • Undergo research and development to continually improve the filter quality and the offering to their customers

Finally, carbon revenue fully finances Hydrologic’s extensive warranty program by supporting additional staff to ensure proper maintenance, education, and support at the household level and also the added costs of enabling all customers to receive free replacement parts if their filter becomes broken.

About Hydrologic

Hydrologic is a social enterprise that manufactures, distributes and sells ceramic water filters across Cambodia. Its roots go back to 2001 as a safe water program initiated by international NGO, iDE and to date Hydrologic distributed more than 500,000 water filters, under brand Tunsai, across Cambodia. Since 2010, Hydrologic is registered as a pro-profit business, which creates value for its customers across the country by providing long lasting product, that significantly contributes to public health, environmental benefits and stimulation of rural economic activity.

About Nexus for Development

Nexus for Development is an international not-for-profit organization founded on the principles of sustainable development. We drive access to finance in developing economies across Asia to increase sustainable energy and water resource development, advance low-carbon solutions, and scale local implementers.

For more information please contact: contact@nexusfordevelopment.org

About Gold Standard certification and VER issuances

Nexus for development works only with highly socially and environmentally impactful projects from energy and water sectors. Our field partners work hard to address the most urgent community needs, and we organize the carbon certification of their activities, from the prescreening to screening/design, validation and registration with Gold Standard, as well as the monitoring, verification and issuance of the credits.

Our current carbon project portfolio is fully composed of Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs), a rigorous global voluntary standard for carbon offset projects. All our carbon projects deliver a range of social, economic, health and environmental impacts, in addition to emission reductions.

For more information please contact: contact@nexusfordevelopment.org

About purchasing voluntary carbon credits

Individuals or companies seeking to voluntarily offset their emissions or achieve carbon neutrality via reputable projects that also deliver positive community impacts can do this via purchasing carbon credits such as Hydrologic’s Gold Standard VERs (Voluntary Emission Reductions).

Contact Nexus for Development: Justin Bergendahl, j.bergendahl@nexusfordevelopment.org