Nazava, the Indonesian water-filter provider, secures 3-years of carbon revenue thanks to their outstanding impacts

Nazava, the Indonesian water-filter provider, secures 3-years of carbon revenue thanks to their outstanding impacts

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 26, 2020 – Nexus for Development (Nexus) announced the signature of a 3-year contract for over 57,000 Gold Standard certified carbon credits on behalf of Nazava Water filters.

Last August, Nazava was issued Indonesia’s first water-filter carbon credits providing international recognition of their climate mitigation impact.

Now, this multi-year contract will guarantee a steady revenue stream for Nazava for the three years to come in order to support their growth and increase their impact on the ground. While the carbon certification process can feel long and costly, the carbon revenue payoff is worth the wait as it allows some initiatives to cover up to 30% of their operational costs.

Nazava’s initiatives have been a great example of providing access to safe drinking water while improving livelihoods in remote and underserved communities. We’re excited to see this revenue stream support Nazava’s development and provide the social enterprise with the necessary funding to continue their activities and increase their impact.

Justin Bergendahl, Nexus’ Head of Renewables and Climate Asset Management

Nazava’s project was registered in 2016 under the Gold Standard, a rigorous global voluntary standard for carbon offset projects. The emissions reductions were achieved via the usage of Nazava water filters over the past three years in Indonesia.

Today, according to the World Bank more than 70% of the nation’s 260 million people rely on potentially contaminated water sources(1). Simultaneously, an estimated 566,600 deaths are attributable to household air pollution, which also affect children – namely from boiling water for purification(2).

Nazava’s initiative started in 2011, when its Dutch founders Guido and Lisa decided to develop access to safe drinking water in a country where 88% of the population needs to boil their water to make it drinkable(3).Nazava water filters turn contaminated well, tap, river and rainwater into water that is safe to drink without the need to boil the water first.  A Nazava water purifier provides households with the convenience of a free flow of drinking water in their house. Households with a water filter save money on fuel and spend less time on mundane task like boiling and fuel collection.

Nazava sells filters through more than 100 resellers living all across Indonesia. Simultaneously, the organization is also focused on education, working at the village level and with local organizations to train households on water purification. This approach was developed through local expertise on the ground, targeting long-lasting change in the archipelago.

About purchasing voluntary carbon credits

Individuals or companies seeking to voluntarily offset their emissions or achieve carbon neutrality via reputable projects that also deliver positive community impacts can do this via purchasing carbon credits such as Gold Standard VERs (Voluntary Emission Reductions).

The VER credits, where 1 credit is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions avoided, represent the highest standard of carbon credits available in the market. Carbon credits can be used for individual or corporate responsibility purposes, namely in sustainability reporting or compensation of travel emissions. Read more about carbon credits and how to purchase them here.

Nexus for Development is an international not-for-profit organization founded on the principles of sustainable development. We drive access to finance in developing economies across Asia to increase sustainable energy and water resource development, advance low-carbon solutions, and scale local implementers. For more details about the purchase of carbon credits, please contact Justin Bergendahl, Head of Renewables and Climate Asset Management.

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