Pioneer Facility invests $250,000 in HUSK

Pioneer Facility invests $250,000 in HUSK

Pioneer Facility fuels growth for women focused climate enterprises with $250,000 loan to HUSK

Following last week’s announcement of the new partnership between UN Environment Programme and Nexus for Development that is aimed at increasing funding to women-led climate enterprises in Asia, Pioneer Facility today announces a new loan agreement that will directly benefit women in Southeast Asia.

HUSK is an impact driven business driving climate mitigation and regenerative agriculture in Southeast Asia through the innovative production of biochar-based fertilizers. By converting rice husks, an agricultural waste product, into biochar, HUSK is able to lock up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce fertilizers that sink this carbon back into the soil. This process mitigates greenhouse gas emissions but also regenerates the soil, improving its health and fertility. HUSK biofertilizer products are focused on meeting the needs of smallholder farmers and have improved revenues for rural communities across Cambodia due to better soils, higher yields and lower input costs.

HUSK is a women-led enterprise that is committed to a gender-inclusive approach and achieving high social impact in the regions where it operates. The “Super Farmer” program empowers women by training them as carbon farming ambassadors. These women then conduct door-to-door sales, earning income for themselves while spreading awareness about the benefits of HUSK’s products.

The Pioneer Facility’s recent funding of a $250,000 loan will support the purchase of additional equipment and increase HUSK’s production capacity.

Laura Alsenas, Executive Director of Nexus for Development, said: “The environmental and social impact of HUSK’s solutions is impressive and we’re thrilled to help finance their growth. Their products have already sequestered almost 800 tons of CO2 and regenerated more than 4,100 hectares of land. This is a crucial contribution to the fight against climate change and the restoration of degraded soil.”

We look forward to continuing to support HUSK on their journey to improve the livelihoods and climate resiliency of smallholder farmers, women and other marginalized communities in Southeast Asia.”

Heloise Buckland, CEO and Co-Founder of HUSK, said: “The $250,000 loan from the Pioneer Facility will be instrumental in helping HUSK acquire a crucial dryer, enabling us to scale up production and reach more farmers. We are delighted to work with Nexus for Development alongside other investment partners to help realise our potential  to drive meaningful change in climate mitigation and regenerative agriculture in the region.”

Pioneer Facility is a flexible debt financing fund, managed by Nexus for Development and supported by investors including Foundation, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Lorinet Foundation and Phitrust Asia. The fund offers flexible debt financing from $50,000 to $500,0000 to scale climate-positive social enterprises in Southeast Asia.

The fund also focuses on enhancing financial support for enterprises led by women and is actively seeking low-carbon ventures that also benefit women or other marginalized communities.

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