Hydrologic | Water Filters in Cambodia

Hydrologic | Water Filters in Cambodia


Locally made ceramic water purifiers




National Energy Globe Award for Cambodia (2013)
Ashden Award (2012)
GIZ IMPACT Business Award (2011)

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Carbon project (GS VER)
Climate Funds beneficiary

In Cambodia, nearly two million rural households do not have access to safe, potable water. While boiling water helps reduce exposure to water-borne diseases, the indoor air pollution created by wood fires causes serious respiratory and heart problems, especially for children. This fuel use also significantly contributes to Cambodia’s increasing rate of deforestation.

Hydrologic, an award-winning Cambodian social enterprise, is providing access to clean, safe drinking water to more than 2 million Cambodians by locally produced ceramic water purifiers.

Hydrologic saves about 90,000 tons of CO2 every year by shifting customers away from using wood or charcoal and opting for another water treatment method.

Hydrologic manufactures the filters in factory 40 km from Phnom Penh, employing 25 staff, ensuring the quality of the product all along the production chain.


In addition, $88M+ USD have been saved in health co-benefits generated from the reduction of treatment and mortality cost due to diarrhea and respiratory illness.

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