BPV | Transforming waste into biogas in Vietnam

BPV | Transforming waste into biogas in Vietnam


Domestic biogas generated from animal waste




World Energy Award (2012)

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Carbon project (GS VER)
Climate Fund beneficiary

With the development and maintenance of biodigesters, the Biogas Program in Vietnam supports more than 850,000 people in over 55 provinces. Utilizing local labor and resources, the program harnesses biogas from animal waste to provide households with fuel.
Much of Vietnam lack proper waste management. For communities, this means hygiene and odor issues. For the environment, it means polluted waterways and significant greenhouse gas emissions. It also means letting a valuable energy source go to waste.

Meanwhile, households struggle to meet their energy needs safely. Wood is often burned indoors resulting in respiratory and eye problems. The income spent on these fuels and the time spent by women and children gathering it could be used for other important purposes.

You can help turn a problem into an energy solution. The Biogas Program in Vietnam, a partnership between SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), works to harness biogas from animal waste, turning a waste problem into a variety of opportunities. Utilizing local labor and resources, the project works with farmers to construct biogas digesters that convert methane from animal waste into fuel for household use.


In addition, 2700+ rural jobs have been created and $578M+ USD saved in health co-benefits generated from the reduction of treatment and mortality cost due to diarrhea and respiratory illness.

0+ biogas plants
built in 55 provinces
0+ Vietnamese
0 hectares of forest
preserved since 2007 (that’s 25,000 football pitches)
0M+ kWh
clean energy produced in 2019
0+ tonnes
CO2e emissions avoided in 2019

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