Nalen | Solar Power for rural farm in Cambodia

Nalen | Solar Power for rural farm in Cambodia


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KIVA loan: USD 50,000
crowd-funded through 1529 lenders

Nalen is a farmer in rural Cambodia and he wants to install solar panels on the farm to replace his diesel-powered generator. Nalen manages a large farm which employs more than forty people from his community so it’s important he has a reliable source of electricity. Since Nalen’s farm is located outside the reach of Cambodia’s electrical grid, his only option at the moment is to use diesel-powered generators. He doesn’t like these generators as they are bad for the environment that himself and other farmers depend on. Nalen hopes to lead by example in his community by investing in solar panels to power his farm with clean renewable energy.


Nexus as a field partner for Nalen raised the requested $50k through the Kiva platform to purchase and install 128 solar panels on Nalen’s farm to offset diesel-powered generators. By reducing his expenses on diesel, Nalen will be able to use these cost savings to meet his loan repayments and increase his income.

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